General Terms and Conditions


Article 1
General provisions


The service provider is Aikwit, data services, Ltd, Ljubljanska cesta 84, 1354 Horjul, Slovenia, VAT ID SI98562100 (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”).

The client is any legal or natural person who has entered into a business relationship with the Provider via the website, e-mail or in any other appropriate manner for the provision of services. (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”)
The Provider’s services include all services offered on the website, including translation, proofreading, transcription, data processing, hereinafter referred to as “Service”.
The result of the Service is the end product of the above mentioned Services, e.g. a translated document, proofread document, transcribed text.
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all business relationships between the Provider and the Client, unless the Provider and the Client agree otherwise.
When ordering a Service via the web portal, e-mail or telephone, the Client is aware of these General Terms and Conditions and fully agrees with them.


Article 2
Orders and establishment of a business relationship


Unless otherwise agreed, the business relationship between the Provider and the Client shall be deemed established when the Provider confirms the quote in writing.
The quote itself is not binding and does not constitute a confirmed order, as the essential condition for the validity of the order is written confirmation (an e-mail or payment for the service constitutes an official order).
In order to make a quote, the Client must, as a rule, provide the source files or at least information such as the type of service, the type of content, the scope of the text, the source and target language, the desired due date, contact details and other requirements.
The Client has a right to cancel the order within 1 hour of order confirmation. Subsequent change or cancellation of the order is possible if the Client undertakes to pay any costs incurred. All or part of the work performed is charged to the Client in proportion to the costs incurred during the performance of the Service.


Article 3
Provider’s rights and obligations


The Provider undertakes to perform all ordered Services in accordance with professional standards and with high quality and in accordance with the Client’s instructions and within the agreed deadline.
The Provider undertakes to protect the Client’s files, personal data and trade secrets and not to disclose them to third parties or unauthorized persons. The Provider may provide its subcontractors only with the information that is strictly necessary for the performance of the ordered Service.
In case of inability to meet the deadline, the Provider is obliged to inform the Client. In these circumstances, the Client has no right to cancel the order or the contract. In case of delay, the Provider may offer the Client a discount.


Article 4
Client’s rights and obligations


The Client is obliged to provide all the necessary information along with the order and to describe any special requirements related to the ordered Service.
If the text to be translated contains unknown abbreviations, technical jargon or already established terms that the Provider must take into account, the Client undertakes to provide appropriate explanations or terminology or appoint a contact person whom the Provider can contact for any clarifications. Otherwise, the Provider shall use the reference materials available and translate the text to the best of his knowledge and ability. If the Client fails to fulfill this obligation, all complaints due to inappropriate use of terminology will be rejected as unfounded.
By ordering the Service, the Client agrees to receive from the Provider information, notifications and survey questionnaires that are directly or indirectly related to the Provider’s Services.


Article 5
Prices and payment terms


Services are charged in accordance with the quote, agreement by e-mail or in accordance with the price list agreed with the Client. All prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be added on the invoice.

The prices obtained through the “instant quote” portal on the website are non-binding. Actual prices may vary depending on the number of words, the proportion of repetitions in the text, the complexity of the text and the deadline.
Legal entities pay for the Service after it has been completed and invoiced or in advance on the basis of an issued pro forma invoice. The payment terms are NET 15 days after the invoice is issued. For long-term business relationships, the payment terms are NET 30 days after the invoice is issued if not agreed otherwise. Payment is to be made to the Provider’s bank account or PayPal account.
If the Provider doubts the solvency of the Client and in other cases where the Provider deems it necessary, the Provider has the right to request from the Client a partial or full advance payment for the Service.
Individuals pay for the Service before the start of implementation of the order. The implementation starts immediately after the payment has been settled, or after the proof of payment has been received.
For late payments, the Provider reserves the right to charge statutory interest for late payment. If the Client fails to settle his obligations within 8 days of receiving a reminder, the Provider may use all legal measures to recover the debt. The Client undertakes to pay all costs of overdue reminders and recovery costs that the Provider might incur in connection with the recovery.


Article 6


After the service has been performed, the Client is obliged to review the result of the Service. If the result is not satisfactory, the Client can send a written complaint within thirty (30) days from the day of delivery. If the Client misses the deadline for filing a complaint, the Provider cannot be held liable for the content. One complaint per order is possible.
The Provider is not liable for errors caused by the Client’s subsequent intervention in the result of the Service. A complaint is also unjustified if the Client wants to claim it for Services that were not ordered.
If the Client does not pay the invoice on time, he waives the right to complaints.


Article 7


Until the full payment of the Service, all results of the Service in accordance with the Slovenian Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP) remain the property of the Provider. After the payment has been made, all material copyrights, in particular the right of reproduction (Article 23 of ZASP), the right of distribution (Article 24), the right to rental (Article 25), the right of public performance (Article 26), the right of public transmission (Article 27), the right of public playback with phonograms and videograms (Article 28), the right of public display (Article 29), the right of broadcasting (Article 30), the right of broadcasting retransmission (Article 31), the right of secondary broadcasting (Article 32), the right to make available to the public (Article 32a), the right of derivative work (Article 33) and the right of audiovisual adaptation (Article 104) are non-exclusively transferred to the Client without temporal or territorial restrictions. In the event of non-payment, any use, partial or complete reproduction of the result of the service is prohibited.


Article 8
Final provisions


The Provider and the Client will resolve any disputes amicably, otherwise the competent court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction.


Published on March 18th, 2021, version 1.0