E-commerce Localization

Fast, high-quality and affordable translations of product descriptions, landing pages and advertising campaigns

Google and Facebook campaign translations

We translate all export formats (CSV, JSON, XML, etc.) and take into account length restrictions and other features.

Native speakers

Our translators are native speakers of the target language, which means that the translated content will sound natural and be easily understood by your customers.

All European languages

With a proven team of translators, we can localize online stores into all European languages.

Affordable price and high responsiveness

With the use of latest technologies, we can offer affordable prices and fast turnaround time – even in 24 hours or less!

Do you want to expand your e-commerce business to foreign markets?

Aikwit provides you with high-quality translations

At Aikwit, we specialize in translating online stores into all European languages. We can help you select the most important content for translation and we pre-process the texts to allow instant import of translations without time-consuming manual work. 

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We grow together

We have long-term cooperation with Aikwit in translating marketing content into more than 10 European languages. Together we have designed a work process that is tailored to our needs and gives top results.

HS Plus d.o.o.

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Our work process

A uniform approach

A multilingual translation project is managed by an experienced project manager who is familiar with the content of the texts and provides translators with uniform instructions.
This ensures consistency between all languages and an accurate understanding of texts by all translators.

Language technologies

We use the latest language technologies to help us cut costs and ensure high quality translations.
We are aware that language technologies, such as automatic machine translation, are not a substitute for quality translators but only serve as an aid to the translation process.

Style Guide

In cooperation with the client, we prepare a style guide, which contains the most important instructions and guidelines for translators.
The translated texts will thus reflect the way the client likes to communicate and on top of that, the style guide will ensure the same style is kept even in case of absence of the primary translator.


For a quick and approximate estimate, just let us know the name of your online shop, and for an accurate and binding offer, provide us with an export of the content you want to translate.

We translate all file formats (html, xml, csv, etc.) and exports from online store management systems such as Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shopify and others, which means you can easily import the translations back into your system without time-consuming manual work. We will deliver the translations to you in the same format as you delivered them, or in a different format upon request.

Shorter translations can be completed in 24 hours or less, while larger volumes take longer and the turnaround time is subject to agreement.

All backend systems for online stores, such as Woocommerce, Magento or Prestashop, allow you to export products and other content. The programmer who manages your online shop can prepare the export for you.

No, you don’t have to prepare the texts, copy them into Word or anything else. All we need to start the translation is the export of content from the backend system. As an added advantage, you can then easily and quickly import the translations back into the system without unnecessary manual copying.

Yes. Regardless of the file format, we only translate the parts that are the actual text, and we keep the HTML code and other special characters untouched.

Yes. All formatting, special characters, emojis and other design features of the original text will be preserved in the translation.

Yes. Google and Facebook ads can be translated in such a format that can be imported into Google and Facebook’s advertising systems, and when translating, we take into account the relevant character limitations.

Repeated sentences in the text are charged at a 70% discount. When importing texts into our translation environment, we analyze the content and calculate the actual number of words to be translated, which is the basis for the invoice.

The easiest way to get started is to export the data from your system and send it to us by email. We have set up a dedicated order portal for clients who need translations on a regular basis. You can choose your source language and target languages, upload your files and get a cost estimate.

Translations are always done via a “relay” language, which in our case is English. This means that, whatever the source language, the text is translated first into English and then into the target languages. This process allows us to select better quality translators for the target languages who are native speakers, and gives us more control over their work, as we get to know the text and identify potential problems during the translation into the “relay” language.

* The file size limit is 10 MB. If you have larger files, please fill in the contact details and our sales team will contact you immediately.

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