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Unlock the power of AI with Aikwit

Wide range of AI services

Aikwit creates datasets for AI and ML tasks like computer vision, machine translation, speech recognition, and NLP. If you need transcriptions, entity annotations, labeled examples, or video and image collections, Aikwit has you covered.

Custom datasets

Aikwit specializes in producing bespoke datasets for diverse AI needs. Request custom data to ensure timely and top-quality execution of complex AI and ML projects. We offer a wide range of solutions – just reach out to us.

Speed and flexibility

With Aikwit, dataset generation is fast and efficient. Our expert team and streamlined processes speed up data collection, annotation, and validation. Partner with Aikwit and get your datasets ready for AI tasks in no time.

Large team of domain experts

Aikwit excels at matching the right expertise to the task at hand. Need Polish-speaking physics experts to assess your LLM outputs? We’ve got you covered. Require native transcriptions for extensive Mexican Spanish audio? Aikwit will promptly assemble a team to meet your objectives.

End-to-end dataset generation

We handle the complete dataset generation workflow, from data collection to annotation and evaluation. While we can integrate your project into our platform, we’re also flexible to manage individual stages. If you’ve gathered data and have an annotation platform, we can transition our users there to assist with labeling.

Fine-tuning foundation models

Aikwit offers specialized datasets for fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLM) to optimize your AI services. Whether you need domain experts for quality examples or full management of the fine-tuning process, Aikwit has the expertise and resources to assist you.

Need a dataset?

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Not sure yet?

Dataset generation is a complex task. If you are unsure, we can set up a pilot project for you to test our services.