10 languages, no worries – with Aikwit!

Aikwit provides translations into 10 languages according to the principle of continuous localization for a large European e-commerce business. The texts for translation come three times a week and the turnaround times are short. By organizing the translation process well and carefully selecting a team of translators, Aikwit has been able to provide high quality, reasonable price and near perfect reliability – more than 99.5% of translations are delivered before the agreed deadline!


Work process


The client needs translations of different types of texts, which can be roughly divided into:

  • instructions for use
  • texts for social media advertising and email marketing
  • communication with customers

The texts come every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in different formats: excel files with or without html content, csv, pdf, inDesign files, etc. For translation, we use the Memsource translation environment, which supports many file formats, enables translation in any web browser, and offers many automation options.


Like any computer-aided translation tool, Memsource also allows you to store translations in a special database (or translation memory). These translations are then made available to translators in future projects and we also take them into account to lower the costs for the client.



Selecting a translation team


Currently, we are translating into the following languages: Slovenian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech and Slovak. We have tested up to six translators for each language and selected two to ensure availability even in case of vacations or sick leaves. For most language pairs, translations are performed in English, but we also translate from all other languages. In the case of unusual language pairs, we first translate the text into English and then proceed with the translation into the target language. The reason for this is that we want to work exclusively with native speakers who are really knowledgeable of all the specifics and characteristics of their language and are able to translate marketing messages fluently.


This allows us to have a permanent team for each language and that translators are well versed in the content for translation and your preferred style and terminology, so we can maintain a consistent level of quality over time.


Quality assurance


In addition to a steady translation team, which is a prerequisite for maintaining high quality over time, we have put in place several systems to help us provide high quality. At any time, translators can contact the text author via a special form to request clarification on a specific section of the text. In addition, we use terminology extraction and alignment tools as well as automatic quality assurance apps to ensure consistency and quality. 

* File size limit is 10 MB. If you have larger files, fill out the contact information and our sales team will contact you immediately.

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